Standard Edition

With the Chamber Team Standard Edition, you put your members in full control. They can maintain their own account data with the Chamber, plus they can maintain a public facing directory listing to both members and visitors. This not only ensure the data is accurate and current but also decreases administrative costs within your office which allows your staff to focus on business development. Their time can now be spent organizing the next chamber event and increasing opportunities to grow your membership.

The Standard Edition also makes it easy to manage your Chamber events, outbound communications and newsletters. Next, gauge your members and visitors opinions by posting a poll online. Finally, you can increase non-dues revenue by selling online advertising. Give your members the opportunity to increase the promotion of their business online either through a premium membership or display advertising.


Consider this your Chamber’s “Complete Management Tool."  With the Chamber Team Pro Edition, there will be no limit to the growth potential your Chamber can achieve.  Not only do you have all the modules included in the Standard edition, you can also turn your Chamber into a fully-integrated social networking hub for your members to connect interactively online with other members.  Members will be able to use the classified module to sell equipment, hire staff or send out a request for tender.

In addition, agenda and minutes from board meetings can be posted online for review.  A post-meeting follow-up discussion can be extended into the forum module.  Online payments for events and membership registration can be integrated within the system and with our renewal manager invoices can be generated straight from the system.

Finally, as much as we have lots of templates and layouts to choose from, your Chamber might want something specific, something that just separates you from the rest of the crowd and our design team is ready to put that new look and brand together for you on a site that is fully responsive! Is your crowd multi-lingual?  Pro-Edition offers you a fully customized layout for your front-facing online presence PLUS supports multi-language requirements.

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