How We Do It

We are fully aware of the time constraints and workload demands on the chamber staff, and want to make sure that we to provide a non-disruptive implementation of the new system. To that end we’ve created an implementation strategy that provides for a sequenced set of steps that we feel best accommodates these goals and guides you effortlessly through the process.

The guide below defines the steps that we’ll go through to get you up and running on the new site. It’s important to note that while we have an order and sequence, we haven’t specified a timeline. This is because different chambers will move through this process at different speeds based on skill sets, desired features, and available resources. We won’t be billing anything until you’re up and running and happy with the solution, so we don’t need to move any faster than is reasonable for your organization. Of course we’d all like to see you up and realizing the benefits of the solution so we’ll be sure to make good progress.

Your No Hassle Guide to Happier Chamber Members and Staff!

  • Freshen Up! Our design team will work tirelessly to create a new site that reflects your image and branding, whether it is based on your current site or a fresh new approach our process will guide you through everything from lay out to look and feel. You will have complete ownership of the process while we will do the work ensuring all the relevant information and content is moved to your new site and training you how easy it is to keep that content updated.
  • Members Matter: Our Team will help you to carefully transition your membership information from your current registry in a way that will not be disruptive to you, your staff, or your membership. We're going to make sure you get everything set up so that you can easily track whatever information you choose relating to your members. We want to keep everybody happy and excited!
  • Education is never a waste: When all is done we will train you how to manage your site and database so you will always be able to keep things current and up to date. Should you need additional assistance our team is here for you to support your maintenance needs, and even offering more extensive work to your site at a fraction of the cost of our competitors!

1. Effective Communication: We understand that Communicating to your members and the community is a vital and generally time consuming process. Our mass mailer module will help you accomplish more in less time! Using news and member update templates you are a few easy steps away from having your be available on your website, in email, and in printed format. When we're finished with this, you won't know what to do with all the extra time you're going to have!

2. The Members take Control! You will be able to empower your members by enabling them to maintain their own contact and account information! Think of the time that you'll save, and how much more current your contact information will be. You can be assured that you will still be kept in the loop with informative reporting and controls on the information.
3. Let's get down to Business: The Business Directory
An important feature to the community and a benefit to your members is to be able to be searched for by name, category and keyword. Our business directory makes it an even bigger benefit! They'll be able to upload logos/images and even choose options for enhanced listings. You'll have less work and no concerns, because as always you'll be in the loop for approval of changes.
4. Let’s Make a Date! We would like to introduce your staff and members to your new Calendaring and Event capability. We'll help you make it easier than ever to communicate and handle event reservations and ticketing, leaving you more time to actually participate in a few yourself!
5. Great Minds Think Alike: Our committee module makes it even easier for groups you specify to place
documents, images, and even share and exchange comments in a secure sharing location. This will ensure that the appropriate information, such as minutes from the last meeting, or items to be reviewed and commented on, are available for all permitted group members to see and access. The defined individuals from each group will even receive notifications whenever the shared information is updated so they'll always be up to date.
6. What do you think? Now you'll have an easier method to gauge the local business climate, or get feedback on any other events or important issues affecting your chamber decisions or the local businesses using our Polls and Survey module.
7. What About Us? We want to make sure that everyone's happy and well acquainted with the capabilities and features of your new solution. If not, we'll work with you until we get it right and you're convinced this was the best business decision you've ever made!
8. Satisfaction? We want you to be 100% satisfied! Our aim is to get you there and keep you there, and we back that with our No Risk Guarantee. If at anytime during your first year you aren't completely satisfied we'll refund 100% of the money paid to us.
9. Wait! There's More! If we've done our job, and you're successful, we expect that you'll be looking for more! Don't hesitate to ask, because we plan to work with you to constantly improve our offering. We will always be working to help you become more efficient, and be able to provide additional capabilities to your members.
10. Got Friends? We know we have done our job well when we get a referral. When those referrals sign up with us, we like to thank the customer that referred them by offering them one month free!
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