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Standard Edition
Chamber Software

Pro Edition
Chamber Software

Enterprise Edition
Chamber Software

Content Manager
Change your website pictures + text quickly and easily

Contact Manager
Ability to manage all contacts (members, non-members, prior members, subscribers etc.)

Membership Management
Ability to allow members to JOIN your site & maintain their own account & Business Directory listing

Member Profile Image
Upload, crop and manage multiple profile avatars and select active avatar

Membership - Billing
Keep track of renewals, send out invoices ON DEMAND

Membership - Billing Ultimate
Memberships + fully automated invoice delivery, payment and account update upon payment

Directory Listing Manager
Help your members get noticed

Event Manager
Admin can create and manage events with dates, photos & calendar

Event Manager + Enhanced
Events + paid events/ticketing, Venues, Sponsors + Community can add events

Event Manager + Ultimate
Events Enhanced + forums, multiple admins, comments, & rating, participant uploads, custom calendar pages.

Mass Mailer
Create and send templated emails & newsletters to contacts

Mass Mailer - Ultimate
Mass Mailer + subscriber lists, email tracks, scheduling and delivery reports

Article Manager
Rich-text articles posting by site admin. Great for documents, notes and announcements

News Manager
Publish site news, announcements and alerts with custom publishing date and extended browsing

Create Poll questions and display community replies with visualised graphs

Create multi-page surveys with various type questions, real-time results and reporting

Publish website links with descriptions and autogenerated site previews

Paid Advertising Manager
Support for banners and spot ads

Committees Manager
Create and manage groups, with admins, members, forums, social features, photos and other media

Shareable Documents
Upload, share, manage and publish various files, documents and media for download

Classified Manager
Classified ads for site members with custom categories, prices and photos.

Photo Albums
Members can upload, browse and share photos across modules

Audio Albums
Support for podcosts, radio and audio files.

Video Albums
Support for videos with social features, categories and privacy controls

Display a special block with rotating testimonials

Member specific activity on their account landing page

Home page site wide summary listing of updated content

Personal blogs with individual categories, rich-text posting, photos and social features

Forum Manager
Advanced discussion forums with categories, rating, moderation, auto-splitting and rich-formatting

Multi-user video chat with concurrent video streaming, custom rooms and rich formatting

Web Chat
Allow your members or customers to chat online

Activity Monitor
Display real time and historical user activity

Exportable reports for member data, payments, events and event participants

Exportable reports for member data, payments, events and event participants

Custom Forms
One 10 field custom form with field entries email to Admin

Advanced Custom Forms
One 10 field custom form with field entries email to Admin

Sell products, receive payments and connect with buyers

Payment Manager
Accept online payments and automatic renewals + generic invoices, renewals & reminders

Payment Manager - Enhanced
Payment Manager + Connect your advanced payment gateways to collect payments/manual DR/CR

Payment Manager - Ultimate
Payment Manager Enhanced + Custom invoices

Google Search
Site-search, indexing and searching site content using Google search engine

Web Stats
Website traffic and visitor reports

Custom Template Design
Ready for a make-over? Design a new site!

Seasonal/Event Based Templates
Additional templates to support changing themes

Responsive Template with Mobile Pages
Set up your website to size with modern desktop and mobile applications

Implementation Support
Easy site set-up and choice of design from our template library

Full Implementation Support
Current site review and analysis, design/art support including custom template, database conversion and content migration

Hosted Website with Cloud Integration
Fully hosted public website with cloud integration to modules

Database Back-ups
Daily, weekly, monthly archived back- ups

Support & Training
Access to webinars & video knowledge library

Support & Training - Enhanced
Support & Training + initial training with site launch plus ongoing email and phone support

Support & Training - Ultimate
Support & Training - Enhanced + on demand content and graphic support

Domain Manager
Annual domain registration plus management and DNS support

Domain Manager - Multiple
Additional domain URL registration plus management and DNS support

Email Services
Keep everything in one place by having the Chamber Team manage your email

Email Ultimate
Outlook, shared calendar, contacts and Lync (Skype for Business)

$10.00/month/user $10.00/month/user $10.00/month/user

System Costs

$995 setup


$1,995 setup


$2,695 setup


   Features can be added for an additional fee charged at a rate of $60/hr.

*Monthly cost based on an annual payment. If paying on a monthly payment plan cost is $59/month

*Monthly cost based on an annual payment. If paying on a monthly payment plan cost is $119/month

*Monthly cost based on an annual payment. If paying on a monthly payment plan cost is $239/month

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