About Us

The Chamber Team was founded by a team of individuals comprising over 25 years of experience in Chamber of Commerce Management and business systems development. Our unique product focus embodies this experience and addresses problems that are specific to operating and supporting a Chamber of Commerce and it's membership. As we developed our software we realized just how many applications it had to other organizations wanting to have a great looking website with an integrated contact management system.

Focus on Member Organizations

Our solution was designed by a previous Executive Director of a Chamber of Commerce, so we had the needs and desires of a typical Chamber in mind!  We created a solution that helps Chambers and other member organizations to become more efficient by decreasing administrative expenses associated with membership maintenance and event management while increasing non-dues revenue opportunities.

Staff do not have time to learn a new complicated program (there are always other priorities!) and our solution is designed to be used with little or no learning curve. Most importantly, we focus on the systems so you don't have to...backups, system upgrades, computer software installations, domain management and more are all eliminated with our solutions.

Looking for more information?

Email Us:  sales@needthecloud.com

Call us at: 1-800-530-9215

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